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Are You A Ministry Leader?

The Holy Spirit has lead you to be the one here on earth to lead those around you into a deeper revelation of the Father's love and help them reconnect with the One who loves them most. Raising up strong and mature sons starts with encountering our Heavenly Father.

Would Your Congregation's Life Be Different With ...

  • Confidence in a relationship with Elohim, Father God, The Great I AM
  • A clear ability to identify the chains that have held you back
  • No more feelings of hopelessness, loss, abandonment, anger, frustration, confusion, depression, foggy thinking, anxiety/fear, unrest…the list goes on

Worship Leader

Spirit led and prophetic worship that ushers in the Presence of The Lord, helping all to connect with The One who loves them most. Reed is available to lead worship alone or potentially have your team join him at your service or event.

Backup Pastor

If you're going to be out of town, let us come work with your team; we'll teach, lead worship or both. Our message is simple and helps the listener to connect deeply with The Lord on a personal level.

Conference Speaker

Reed is available to come teach and minister at your conference. Our message is simple but very powerful. We'll help people unlock their hearts and discover a deep and intimate connection with The Lord.


How Can We Serve You?

Our focus is seeing the Lord transform peoples lives

from debilitating beliefs into a life of joy and freedom.


Music is a powerful vehicle for corporate worship. Your team can learn, not to just play songs well, but really hear the Father's heart and sing new songs that truly connect with what Holy Spirit is saying, in the moment.


The TRUTH is a person who weaves His nature upon the tapestry of our hearts, woven together with the tender touch of our loving, kind and gracious Father.

Take Action

A vibrant relationship with The Lord is built on action. Learning to receive The Father's love is not passive, but an ongoing process of growing and maturing daily and discovering how to respond to His love.

About us

Reed and Cari Channell

Cari Lynn Channell

Reed Channell

At 3 yrs old, hearing a gospel quartet sing about what Jesus did on the cross, I heard this thought, “the whole world needs to hear this message.” At 12 yrs old I saw a vision of me preaching behind a pulpit. At 18 yrs old, The Lord gave me a dream, that repeated 5 times, of me singing and people getting healed, delivered and saved.March 5th 2012 Jesus appeared to me face to face and told me He had something for me to do. In July of 2017 the Lord gave me an encounter dream about Craveheart Ministries and ask what I was waiting for to get going….so, yeah…we’re starting a formal organized ministry. LOL

At the age of six, right before going to bed one evening with my mom right beside me; I gave my heart to Christ. Earlier that day, I had heard the flannel board version of the Easter story during a chapel service at my Christian school. I just knew I needed Jesus in my heart. What a glorious moment it was to accept Him! During a revival at the Assemblies of God church we attended, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and in water at age seven; such a young child but I remember it like it was yesterday!!

Growing up, I was told that my great grandfather was a Pentecostal minister who came from Armenia and attended the Azusa Street Revival. Certainly, that DNA must have made its way to me somehow, since, from a very early age I’ve had a heart for the things of God. One of my favorite Sunday morning past times was watching Kathryn Kuhlman on TV. I was so drawn into the things of the Holy Spirit. I loved hearing the missionaries tell their amazing, God breathed, stories at church. I saw firsthand, the miraculous healing of my mom who the doctor’s said, had incurable encephalitis! Through the many years of my childhood, my heart cried out and prayed for the salvation of my extended family members & rejoiced when they all finally came to Christ!! For as long as I can remember, Jesus has been my best friend, conversing with Him always and about everything!!

“Our singular mission is to see people free from the chains that hold them back or hinder their walk with the Lord in any way. We engage with Holy Spirit and present keys from Heaven to unlock the hearts of True Worshiper to simply be themselves in Christ Jesus.”

Ministry Network Affiliations

We are blessed to be part of The Fellowship Network as they helped us achieve our 501(c)(3) IRS status. If you have a dream of establishing a non-profit ministry, reach out to them as they are an incredible resource.

President & Presiding Apostle

Che & Sue Ahn

Tony Kim

U.S. National Director

The HIM leadership team is made up of godly men and women of God who are aligned with the vision and heart of HIM to build significant relationships, equip and release ministers into further effectiveness in reaching the nations with the love, power and hope of Jesus Christ. Our leadership team members have a desire to expand and grow the HIM network. All HIM leaders are committed to lives of integrity, accountability and excellence throughout the organization.

Craveheart Ministries is blessed to be an HIM International Member and greatly appreciate the relationships and support of the entire HIM family.

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